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Bluehost.com Review

Editor's Rating: *9.4/10  

If other webhosts have left you feeling blue, it might be time to seriously consider the amazing features offered by Bluehost. With a free domain name on top of unlimited parked domains, you’ll be well on the way to craving out your own little home on the Internet. To that end, you’ll also receive a $100 Google AdWords credit to help attract the customers that are looking for the goods, services and perspectives you can offer. Also utilizing an exhaustive list of the most popular third party apps, programming tools and site build features, Bluehost will offer more power than your standard webhost at a fraction of the price. If you know your way around website builders and want serious power without serious cost, check out the intriguing offers from Bluehost today.

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Ease of Use

For any experienced web master, Bluehost’s straightforward cPanel can put your entire website’s design at your fingertips. If you’re not sure that Bluehost’s easy cPanel will work for you, the company provides a convenient test drive, which could easily familiarize you with the control panel’s capabilities. You’ll also have access to one-click installs from Bluehost’s impressive list of third party plugins, as well as script support if you want to code your site yourself. Bluehost also makes it easy to create an email account, requiring you to create little more than an address and a password before you’re ready to send and receive emails from your domain.

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To help you have the webhosting experience that you want to have, Bluehost doesn’t lock you into anyone type of interface. Instead, you’ll have access to one of the most impressive lists of 3rd party softwares and supported languages around. This includes 1-click installs of WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, b2evolution, Tikiwiki, Moodle and Coppermine, among others. If you’re more hands on with coding, you’ll be pleased to see support for PHP 5, Perl 5, Ruby on Rails, Python and Javascript. To see all the great customization features available from Bluehost, just visit the site today. You’ll also have access to message forms and streaming audio and video functionality built right into Bluehost’s interface.

Bluehost's Control Panel

Choose a New Existing Blog

If you’re trying to set up an online store front, Bluehost also offers you a number of shopping cart options. Choose from osCommerce or Zen shopping cart, among other options to get your webstore running as quickly as possible. Of course, having a webstore available won’t do you very much good if no one knows where to find you. Fortunately, Bluehost offers ad credits on the most popular sites on the internet, such as a $100 Google AdWords credit.

Email Creation Form

Horde Email Inbox

To access the email, I followed the prompts and was directed to three standard mail retrieval options - horde, SquirrelMail and roundcube. I chose horde, and once again followed the prompts to access my email. I was satisfied to see that my test email was waiting for me immediately after I'd sent it.

Bluehost could help you set up a full-scale email marketing campaign through your domain, especially since you’ll have unlimited email support. For drip marketing campaigns, you can take advantage of autoresponders and forwarding functions to maximize response to your products. You’ll also receive support on your website’s email accounts, thanks to helpful tools like Spam Assasin and Spam hammer.

Customer Support

For your convenience, Bluehost offers 24/7 technical support from its in-house team of trained customer service representatives. With telephone, chat and email support, you’ll never have to worry about getting the help you need when it matters most. Bluehost also offers an inside out knowledge of its reliability, since the company designs and maintains all of its own servers, meaning the company can solve your problem from the ground up. If you’d like to solve your problems at your own pace, you can always search and browse a wide range of articles explain all sorts of common problems on Bluehost’s knowledge base.


Bluehost’s standard shared hosting plan offers everything you’ll need to get your site off the ground starting at $4.95/month. If you ever outgrow this awesome plan, however, Bluehost offers fully scalable service, meaning that you can upgrade to more advanced server-based hosting as you go. The shared Pro package claims to offer 5 times the server performance and reliability starting at $19.99/month. Virtual private servers and dedicated servers are also available to accommodate your website, no matter how large it grows.


If you don’t want to fool around with your webhosting, Bluehost has the serious features you’ve been craving. With a simple cPanel, you’ll have access to one-click installs on a huge library of content management applications. Or, if you prefer hardcore coding, you can take advantage of the programming language support on Bluehost. More than just a tech-heads fantasy, you’ll also find enticing marketing tools to bring people to your site, such as a $100 Google AdWords credit. Best of all, since Bluehost builds all of its servers from the ground up, the entire company knows the product inside and out, meaning you’ll always get impressive assistance from knowledgeable representatives.